Yashimoto, Private Eye is the fourth episode of the Cybersix animated television series.

Episode synopsis

José attempts to hire a private investigator named Miao Yashimoto in order to capture Cybersix. But when Yashimoto doesn't believe his story and refuses, José kidnaps his younger sister Ikiko Yashimoto along with her new friend Julian as a ransom. Yashimoto is forced to search for Cybersix and soon he discovers her secret identity as Adrian Seidelman. But rather than handing her over, both of them work together to defeat José and his creature to save Julian and Ikiko. In the end they are successful.

Differences with the comic


  • The featured character, Yashimoto, is from the comic series and has the same role as in the animated series.
  • There is a clothing store that has an outfit similar to Cybersix's on display, the difference being it has a skirt and belt.
  • It's revealed in this episode that Lucas does not know Adrian Seidelman's home address or telephone number.
  • Yashimoto is the second character in the animated series, after Data 7, to discover Cybersix's secret identity as Adrian Seidelman.
  • This episode did not air in the US due to the physical racial stereotype of the Japanese character, Yashimoto. Although the character himself is not offensive and Japanese animators did not find it so.


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