The Warehouse is the second weekly issue of the Argentinian Cybersix comic book series. It is written by Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Carlos Meglia.

It was initially published and distributed in the Italian language by Eura Editoriale in 1993 and later into Spanish in Spain in 1995, and into French in 1994. It has never been officially translated into English.


Cybersix enters a warehouse full of thugs.


Spanish publication

The first of six issues released in Spain includes the chapters Something In the Night (Algo En La Noche) and The Warehouse (Mejor No Soñar), released in Spain by Planeta De Agostini.

This issue hasn't been published in Argentina.

Italian publication

The Warehouse (Il Deposito) was released in Italy by Eura Editoriale.

French publication

The Warehouse was retitled Is It Because You're A Creature Of The Night That You Have A Black Father? (A Question Posed To Cybersix By A Taxi Driver In A Dream.) (C'est Parce Que Vous Etes Une Creature de la Nuit Que Vous Avez Un Pere Noir? (Question Posee a Cybersix Par Un Chauffeur de Taxi Dans Un Reve)) in French by Vents d'Ouest. This issue was made available in French-speaking countries in the first volume.

Character Debuts (in order of appearance