Cyber Six is my greatest failure, but she displays great courage, and I admire that.

– Von Reichter on his conflicted feelings for Cybersix.

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Doctor Von Reichter is the main antagonist of the Cybersix series, along with his clone-son José, and is voiced by Terry Klassen.

Von Reichter is a mad scientist who wishes to overtake the world, starting with the fictional city of Meridiana where his rebellious creation, Cybersix lives and who is soon reunited with her brother, Data 7.

Reichter also has a henchman named Krumens who also has a clone of his own named Helmut.

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Von Reichter was born in March 16, 1911 as Josef Mengele before replacing his body twice, first in 1925, and again some years later with plans to continue it into the future. He was a former member of the SS and the Nazi party in World War II. An expert in genetic engineering, he initially began his work in concentration camps, implanting cybernetic organs in the bodies of deceased prisoners in an attempt to bring them back to life to serve in the Fuhrer's army. However, the Allied forces intervened to defeat the Nazis, now a wanted war criminal, he escaped capture and fled from Europe to South America into the Brazilian rainforest. There in his secret laboratory, he continued his genetic experiments.

One of his creations were the Cyber Series, five thousand children meant to be his soldiers in a bid for world domination, but at the age of nine, it was discovered they had an error in their genetics that caused them to become rebellious. With this, Von Reichter ordered for their total destruction. Two children avoided the cruel method of elimination, Cyber-6 and Cyber-29.


Von Reichter appears in the live-action series along with Krumens but not much else is known.


Von Reichter had hid in his lab in an abandoned observatory in Meridiana, and as a scientist, he was able to create experiments to go after Cybersix. It is implied in the show that he is a Nazi.



  • It is sometimes erroneously stated amongst fans of the series that Von Reichter had destroyed all 4999 of the Cyber Series, when in fact, it should be 4998, as he did not kill Cyber 29, who died in a playtime accident.
  • It's heavily implied José and his father are both Nazis:
    • José wears a Hitler Youth uniform[1] and walks with a goose step.[2]
    • His father also branded "names" on the Cyber series' arms, similar to what was done on Nazi concentration camp prisoners.[3]
  • It's also heavily implied that Von Reichter, and in turn José who's his clone, is actually Josef Mengele:
    • Both Reichter and Mengele were German scientists who experimented on humans and fled to South America after the end of World War 2, and both share the same birth year.[4]
    • José's name is also a variation of Josef.[5]
  • Von Reichter considers Cybersix his greatest failure and Data 7 as one of his finest creations.


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