Hi! I am planning to create a sister wiki called "Cybersix Fandom" that will be more fan-oriented and properly focus on the Cybersix fans themselves, such as fanarts, fanfictions, role-playing, document the history of old Cybersix fans so we'll also be looking at old websites and users, and we'll also be looking at notable people in the fandom such as those who translated the comics and also other fans on other mediums such as YouTube. Basically anything goes! My only problem is the name, the main wiki here is called "Cybersix Wiki" and on Google it shows up as "Cybersix Wiki - Fandom", so the new wiki would have a confusing and redundant name, "Cybersix Fandom Wiki - Fandom". Maybe I'll refer to this one as "Cybersix Main Wiki" or maybe a cooler name like "Cybersix Encyclopedia" or something to that effect. What are your guy's thoughts? TheWearyandHeavyLaden (talk) 00:07, October 16, 2017 (UTC)