Fortunately, I didn't write King Kong!

– Rey at meeting Cybersix

Steven Rey is a character featured in The Adventure of Cyb of the Cybersix comic series.

Steven Rey is a pseudonym that Rey uses for her children's books, and inspired by an encounter with an intoxicated minion of Von Reichter who reveals their battle against Cybersix to her, she writes a comical story involving José against the hero Cyb, not knowing it features real characters and so becomes the target of José.

Character Information

José and Helmut comes across a storybook by an author named Steven Rey that seems to know an awful lot about Cybersix and her fight against José depicted in a cartoony fashion that always results in José losing. In anger, José goes out to find the author, and Cybersix has to try to save him with the help of Lucas Amato.

The author is quickly found in a rundown apartment where it's found it's actually a woman, and after revealing the unfavourable ending of the antagonist, she's threatened to make an ending that has José win by the next day. After he leaves, Cybersix appears in the window and tells the author that even if she complies with José's demand, she will still be killed, and offers to help her out of this ordeal.

When José's thugs arrives the next day to retrieve the pages and kill the author, Cybersix is there instead and beats them up and leaves with the advice to Rey to not give out her new address. The story ends with José reading the book and throwing it in anger at Helmut who asks to read it next, the title of the book being "The Adventure of Cyb 2: How She taught the Villain a Lesson" with the picture of Cyb spanking José.


  • "Then the beautiful and mysterious woman said to the villain, "This battle will finish you once and for all."" (Helmut reading from the book)
  • José: "Be calm, ma'am. We're looking for Steven Rey."
    Steven Rey: "He... That's me. I'm Steven Rey. It's a pseudonym for the job and..."
  • "But...that's impossible. Children don't like books where the villain wins..." (Rey at being told to make the villain win)
  • "A drunk... At the bar... He even drew me the sketches that resembled them!" (Rey explaining how she got her ideas)


  • We are never told the author's real name.
  • The story deals with a struggling artist, much like the comic counterpart of Miao Yashimoto.