You will find Cybersix and use this to destroy her. Understand?

– The Police Chief to the brainwashed detectives.

The Police Chief is a minor villain and Techno in the Cybersix animated series who appears in the seventh episode, Brainwashed.

Character Information

The Police Chief works in the Meridiana police force that leads the investigation into capturing Cybersix as a wanted criminal. As someone who works under Von Reichter and José, the investigation is entirely fabricated as the security footage is tampered with and the detectives who were chosen to participate are brainwashed to follow every order.

The Police Chief has absolutely no remorse in doing any of these. He later gets into a fight with Enrique and is electrocuted to death. To the disappointment of Reichter, José reveals his fate by showing his clothes, implying his death.


  • "These helmets will identify you as members of a special task force. You will learn of your special assignments now."
  • "You will wear this. When the red light comes on, you must come back to be recharged." The Police Chief about a wristwatch that monitors the brainwashing helmet's batteries.


  • The Police Chief dies in an explosion of green light that presumably is the Sustenance, although it's never seen.