Thank you, you're a very kind young man.

– The mother thanks Julian for returning her wallet.

The Mother and Child are two minor characters who appear in the Cybersix animated series in the episode Data 7 and Julian. The woman's name is unknown but the daughter's name is Maria.

Julian encounters the two at the market where the mother drops her wallet and he returns it, despite his temptation to steal it for the criminal Orlando.

Character Information

The two characters appear to be kind and friendly, the mother treating the shabby-looking Julian respectfully while her daughter thanks him with a kiss and has a short conversation with him, the two parting cheerfully.

Data 7 watches the family from a distance on a rooftop, and seeing the young girl with red flowers reminds him of Cybersix when they were younger, and when he tried to retrieve a single red flower for her.


  • Maria: "I'll hold it."
    Mother: "Thank you, Maria. Please hold this for me."
    Maria: "Sure." (Maria offers to hold the groceries)
  • Man: "Uh, can you manage?"
    Mother: "Yes, thank you." (a man at the marketplace asks the mother after he hands her groceries)
  • Mother: "Thank you, you're a very kind young man." (the Mother thanks Julian for returning her wallet)
  • Maria: "Thank you." (Maria thanks Julian and gives him a kiss)
  • Orlando: "Where's my wallet?"
    Julian: "Sorry, no luck yet."
    Orlando: "Oh, is that so? (coughs) You had a wallet and gave it back."
    Julian: "Yeah, that's right. I'm not gonna steal anymore. I quit."
  • Julian: "How do you know my name?"
    Cybersix: "I know your name and I know what you did at the market today."
    Julian: "So?" (Cybersix offers to help Julian and mentions that she knows his name and his kind act from earlier)




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