Money is of no importance to me. I only accept cases that I believe in.

– Yashimoto telling Jose he won't take his case

Miao Yashimoto is a character from the Cybersix series who first appears in the fourth episode Yashimoto, Private Eye. He is voiced by Brian Drummond.

As a private eye investigator, Yashimoto is initially hired and later forced to find Cybersix by José after José kidnaps his younger sister, Ikiko. In the course of the investigation, Yashimoto finds Cybersix by figuring out Adrian Seidelman and is her secret identity, however, Yashimoto promises to keep her secret in the end after she helps rescue Ikiko.

Both Yashimoto and Ikiko live together, their parents are never mentioned in the show. Ikiko is also friends with Julian.

Character Information


Yashimoto works in the dying Private Eye business when he's approached by Von Reichter and Krumens for the job of finding Cybersix and is forced to after he learns they have kidnapped his younger sister, Ikiko. He befriends Cybersix and Adrian, not knowing the two are the same, and also gets help from Julian and his friend and Lori and her gang. When he isn't working, Yashimoto is also an artist.



Yashimoto works as a Private Eye at the Detective Agency in Meridiana. He is approached by Jose who attempts to catch Cybersix using him, but when Yashimoto refuses Jose kidnaps Julian and Ikiko as a ransom. Yashimoto investigates and discovers that Adrian Seidelman is Cybersix's secret identity. He waits in his apartment to capture her, but its revealed that Cybersix and Yashimoto are working together to save the children.



  • Due to the physical racial stereotype of the Japanese character, Yashimoto, the fourth episode was never aired in the U.S.
  • Along with being a P.I, Yashimoto is also an artist in the comic, where various art styles are featured as homages to other real life comic artists.
  • Is one the few characters who finds out Cybersix's secret identity, along with Griselda.
  • In the comics, Yashimoto does not find out Cybersix's secret identity, although he does get the idea of her being a comic book superhero with a male alter ego.
    • This idea is passed to Lucas, which makes him realize Cybersix must have a secret identity, although he assumes it must be female.