Lori's Gang consists of three unnamed young men who follows Lori Anderson as their leader, and who also attends Meridiana High School and are students of literature teacher, Adrian Seidelman, and biology/chemistry teacher, Lucas Amato.

They first appear in episode 1 of the animated series, weekly issue 1 in Italy and French Volume 1 of the comic series.

Character Information

In the animated series, Lori's gang is first seen with Lori in Adrian Seidelman's class. When Lori is making advances on Adrian, they are seen playfully teasing and cheering for her. However, when Adrian rejects her love note, they get mad.  After school, they follow Adrian into town and drag him into the alleyway.  Little do they know Adrian is the vigilante Cybersix, but Adrian acts helpless against them to maintain the identity. Before either can do anything, Lucas Amato arrives, scaring the gang away. They are mostly seen later in the show hanging out with Lori most of the time.



  • One of the member's have a different sounding voice from the first episode to The Eye.