José is the primary antagonist of the Cybersix series and is the clone-son of Doctor Von Reichter, he is voiced by Alex Doduk.

José appears as a young boy bent on taking over the city of Meridiana and defeating Cybersix, and has a selfish and ill-tempered personality, whose plans never succeeds.



José is a clone of Von Reichter meant to succeed him in the case of his death. Despite his childlike appearance and behaviour, José is chronologically an adult but his father had engineered him to have eternal youth to prevent a potential rebellion.

José is extremely cruel, selfish, lazy and spoiled that has everything done for him and holds total control over the Fixed Ideas to the point if they displease him, he will murder them. He also holds absolutely no respect for women, elders or children.

Like all of Von Reichter's creations, José has Sustenance in him.


Not much is known about José in the animated series and it is never clarified on whether José is the son or clone of Von Reichter. However, it is generally assumed that José is his son. José has worked hard to become the crime lord of Meridiana and, in the end, he betrays his father after it's decided the city should be destroyed.


  • "Yes, father?"
  • "I am José. You will do exactly as I say. In the future, you will sit in my presence."
  • "A Fixed Idea found under his window? And you think he knows what happened?" (José of the deceased Fixed Idea found under Lucas' window)
  • "Wake up! Do exactly as I say. Stay here and watch."
  • "A cyber. But- so- you are the one behind this!"
  • "No! Capture her, you worthless mutants!"
  • "You idiot! We lost everything!" (blaming a Fixed Idea for the lost counterfeit money)


  • It's heavily implied José and his father are both Nazis:
    • José wears a Hitler Youth uniform[1] and walks with a goose step.[2]
    • His father also branded "names" on the Cyber series' arms, similar to what was done on Nazi concentration camp prisoners.[3]
  • In the comics, Jose's character is far more vulgar and lecherous. He constantly takes part in immense debauchery especially with adult women, and is shown to be not above of committing rape.
  • It's also heavily implied that Von Reichter, and in turn José who's his clone, is actually Josef Mengele:
    • Both Reichter and Mengele were German scientists who experimented on humans and fled to South America after the end of World War 2, and both share the same birth year.[4]
    • José's name is also a variation of Josef.[5]
  • Appears in the more child-friendly comic, The Adventure of Cyb.
  • José appears in nearly every episode with the exception of Full Moon Fascination and Daylight Devil.


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