Helmut is a character from the Cybersix comic series who first appears in Weekly Issue 24 and French Volume 3. Helmut is a clone of Krumens and an underling of José.

Character Information

Helmut appears as a child with blonde hair and a fair temper, in contrast to José. He is a clone of Krumens, although the two rarely interact.

Although Helmut works for Jose, who's cruel, immoral and ill-tempered, he's seen showing sympathy to Cybersix when she's pregnant and held captive in a bedroom. She asks to lay down and he allows it, sitting nearby and keeping watch and awaiting further orders.

Helmut is last seen by Jose's side when "Not-Jesus" burns down their base and escapes with Gengis, the child saying goodbye to them as they pass by on the way out. Helmut is not seen on the boat where Reichter, Krumens and Jose are on as they leave Meridiana once and for all.




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