Cyber6 Fr v11

French Volume One Cover

This is the first of twelve volumes for the French edition for the Argentinian Cybersix comic series and contains weekly issues 1-15 and an additional non-weekly issue. It was translated by Vents d'Ouest and first released in November 1994. It is written by Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Carlos Meglia.

The series was originally published in Italian by Eura Editorale in 1993, later being published in Spain, Argentina and France.


Cybersix is initially introduced through her alter ego, Adrian Seidelman, and lives in Meridiana where she lives a double life.

Issues Contained

  1. Weekly Issue 1: A Piece Of Night
  2. Weekly Issue 2: The Warehouse
  3. Weekly Issue 3: Model "Type"
  4. Weekly Issue 4: On Childhood Memories
  5. Weekly Issue 5: Even Monsters They dream
  6. Weekly Issue 6: Meeting with Data 7
  7. Weekly Issue 7: Killing Machine
  8. Weekly Issue 8: Fixed Idea
  9. Weekly Issue 9: Opening
  10. Weekly Issue 10: Happy Holidays
  11. Weekly Issue 11: Jealousy
  12. Weekly Issue 12: Joseph
  13. Weekly Issue 13: Winners and Win
  14. Weekly Issue 14: Heart Issues
  15. Weekly Issue 15: The Maniac
  16. Meridiana (issue)

Character Debuts (In order of appearance)


  • For unknown reasons, the sixteenth chapter of the volume does not take after the sixteenth weekly issue, Fear of Blood, and instead is replaced by the issue Meridiana.


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