Elaine is a featured antagonist from the Cybersix animated series and who first appears in the tenth episode, Full Moon Fascination. She is voiced by Janyse Jaud.

Character Information

Elaine is the newest creation of Doctor Von Reichter who is sent to find and destroy Cybersix. She starts attacking people in Meridiana and turns them into werewolves and put them under her control, including Lucas Amato.

Elaine soon starts her job at Meridiana High School as the new substitute teacher, where she meets Lucas and becomes more closer with him as he develops a crush on her. Because of this, Lucas also becomes more distant with Adrian Seidelman and of the persona, Cybersix, causing a new emotion for her: jealousy.

Elaine has long red hair and wears a purple dress and has a white jacket.


  • "It works! I can make others like me." (Elaine at discovering she can turns others into werewolves)
  • "Hi. Just thought that I would get to know my fellow teachers. I'm Elaine. Subbing [substituting] for Mrs. Carters?"
  • "Like the hair, Lucas, looks good! How did you do that so fast? A wig?" (at Lucas' long hair)
  • "You just had a visitor? No, someone was here. Who was here, Lucas?" (sensing Cybersix had been at Lucas' apartment)
  • "Good move, cyber woman." (at fighting with Cybersix)
  • "And how often does this Cybersix person visit you at your apartment?" (to Lucas)
  • "Lucas, help me!" (at struggling with Data 7)
  • "Lucas, destroy her, do it for me."
  • "(laughs) Friend? Lucas, she's your enemy. Destroy her."
  • "If you will not do it, I will!"
  • "Von Reichter. I was sent to find and destroy you."
  • "I'm sorry, Lucas."


  • Elaine bears an incredible resemblance to a comic character named Michelle.


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