The Cybersix Clone is a character from the Cybersix comic series who first appears in French Volume 3. As the name suggests, she is a clone of Cybersix.

Character Information

The Cybersix Clone is a creation of Von Reichter, born as a result of Cybersix's genetic files from when she was eight years old and is now presently an adult, a perfect copy that goes out to find out everything about the original Cybersix's life. She meets Lucas Amato, Julian and Data 7. In the end, despite being formerly obedient, the Clone cannot bring herself to kill the original Cybersix and so the two Cybersixes create a plan so the Clone will be presumed dead to free herself from her creator, and escapes as a worker on a ship.



  • The Cybersix Clone is a perfect replica of the real Cybersix and so likely needs sustenance to survive. It's unknown how the Clone will survive on the ship at the end without a steady supply of sustenance away from Meridiana.