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  • "You. Stay away." (Cybersix, upon meeting Lucas for the first time in her Cybersix persona)
  • "Please, give me the vial. It's mine" (Cybersix asks Lucas for the vial of sustenance)
  • Cybersix: "You're in great danger. Please."
    Lucas: "Are you hurt?"
    Cybersix: "No. Just give me the vial."
    Lucas: "Let me help you." (Lucas insists on helping Cybersix)
  • Lucas: "She was- she was strange, but- but beautiful. And- and the- the monsters-" (Lucas telling Adrian about the previous night)
  • Adrian: "You can get killed. She sounds dangerous."
    Lucas: "I think she's in trouble." (Adrian warns Lucas about Cybersix)
  • Lucas: "She never tried to hurt me. Huh? Shh. Huh? Who would do this?"
    Adrian: "Next time give her the vial."
  • Cybersix: "It's my fault. If I hadn't come here... Five fingers, a heart, but I'm not like them. I don't need a friend. Do I? He's in danger, I have to help him, as he helped me."
  • Jose: "A- a Cyber. But- so you are the one behind this." (Jose discovers a surviving Cyber was the one responsible for the trouble)
  • Cybersix: "(whistle) Hey! He wants his vial back? Then try to catch me, little boy." (Cybersix taunts Jose)
  • Cybersix: "Shh. Hey, bonehead, your brains are showing." (Cybersix taunts them some more)
  • Lucas: "Who are you? What's your name? Wait. Will I see you again?" (Lucas after he crashes his car and Cybersix checks on him)
  • Von Reichter: "What do you mean you lost the money? And a woman, what woman? A tattoo? Cyber Six?! You must be mistaken. Alive. Cyber Six, alive? My most profound failure, alive."
    Cybersix: "You can come after me and I won't run."
  • Julian: "Hm, who are you?"
    Cybersix: "You have to get out of here."
  • Cybersix: "Please, Julian."
    Julian: "How do you know my name?"
    Cybersix: "I know your name and I know what you did at the market today."
    Julian: "So?"
    Cybersix: "I'll help you leave this place, I promise."
    Julian: "I hear a lot of promises."
    Cybersix: "Well, I keep my promises, Julian." (Cybersix promises Julian she'll help him leave the mob)
  • Cybersix: "Julian."
    Julian: "Help me."
    Cybersix: "29." (Cybersix saves Julian, for a moment she's reminded of the grim demise of her brother Cyber-29)
  • Cybersix: "Huh? You. You're 29." (Cybersix realizes that Data-7 is her brother, Cyber-29)
  • Cybersix: "You're alive. My brother."
  • Julian: "Thank you Cybersix and Data 7 for helping me."
    Cybersix: "Julian, a promise is a promise." (Cybersix kept her promise to help Julian)
  • Cybersix: "So, Lucas likes romance movies. What would it be like to go out with Lucas?" (Cybersix wonders how it'll be like to go out with Lucas)
  • Hm, how beautiful it could be. (Cybersix fantasizes herself in a dress dancing with Lucas)
  • "Hey, catch." (Cybersix throws a pole at Terra)
  • "When it's time, grab Lucas. Where is it?"
  • "Lucas. No Lucas, no Data 7, don't come any closer."
  • Cybersix: "Love?"
    Terra: "What love?" (Terra asks Cybersix what is love)
  • Cybersix: "I'll help you. You don't have to be evil."
    Terra: "You different."
  • Cybersix: "You shouldn't be so reckless."
    Lucas: "Are you afraid for me?"
    Cybersix: "Yes."
  • Terra: "No kill Cybersix." (Terra refuses to kill Cybersix)
  • Terra: "I go see Cybersix."
  • Cybersix: "Data 7, don't let Lucas leave his apartment. A creature that size can't just disappear. A Fixed Idea, what's he doing? That's strange." (Cybersix searches for Terra)
  • Cybersix: "It's you."
    Terra: "Terra."
    Cybersix: "Terra. Your name is Terra? You're like me, aren't you? You're not really evil, deep down inside. I feel sorry for you. I'm trapped here. You should get out while you can, he's going to burn you, too." (Terra reveals its name to Cybersix)
  • "Terra, let me go. Stop. Terra, no. There must be another way. Terra." (Cybersix doesn't want Terra to sacrifice himself)
  • Cybersix: "Come back my friend. Terra, come back."
    Lucas: "Cybersix."
    Cybersix: "It was not an evil creature, although it was created to be evil."
    Lucas: "Will I ever understand what is going on?"
    Cybersix: "Maybe someday, but not today." (Cybersix mourns over Terra, who sacrificed himself to save Cybersix)
  • Jose: "(crying) Excuse me, I get so emotional. I mean, she stole father's valuable heirloom."
  • Yashimoto: "You say she is the thief? This person you call Cybersix."
  • Jose: "I said you will deliver Cybersix to me in three days or you will never see your sister again." (Jose kidnaps Ikiko and Julian as ransom)
  • Yashimoto: "She doesn't exist, at least not here. Okay, let's do it the old fashioned way." (Yashimoto discovers that Cybersix will not be so easily found)