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Adrian's Apartment is the home of Adrian Seidelman and subsequently of his alternate persona, Cybersix, and is situated on the top floor of the apartment building.

It is a typically small room that Adrian has owned since starting his teaching position at Meridiana High School. Data 7 often visits and occasionally sleeps there and after episode 5, Lucas Amato and Lori Anderson also knows where Adrian lives.

It consists of three windows, a single bed and a sofa that stands in front of a television set which rests humbly on a cardboard box. There is also an odd detail where the telephone sits on the floor on top a small rug. The wardrobe is initially set on the left side of the larger window until subsequent episodes places it on the right. And in the comics, Adrian has a poster of "Dracula" near the entrance.

Episode 5 also gives his home address as: 11107 Gateway Avenue, S. Apt.4-A Meridiana, SBC B6V 8B1.



  • In episode 6 of the animated series, Adrian wakes up already dressed as a male instead of the expected feminine appearance of Cybersix, although this is later seen in episode 12.
  • The final episode shows Adrian's windows lit from the inside, possibly implying Cybersix had survived the explosion.
  • The apartment is one of the examples of the comic series' artist, Carlos Meglia, reusing the same image instead of redrawing it over and over again. This was done to imitate the effect of a film.






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