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• 4/12/2017

A YouTube channel for the Cybersix Wiki.

How about it? It could be a branching channel from KonbanwaJapan, reupload better videos for the Cybersix comics, and upload the rest of the other language versions. Maybe even try to upload full episodes with subtitles for all languages (not in the actual video but in the captions option). Might get a strike, but I wanna try.
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• 4/15/2017
It is done.

The Cybersix Wiki has its own YouTube channel! It doesn't have anything yet, I'm not even sure if its searchable on YouTube yet- so just head on to the latest video or go on "Discussion" on the KonbanwaJapan channel and you should be able to see the comment I made as the Cybersix Wiki channel. Hit subscribe if you wanna get notified of new-ish content.
• 5/6/2017
Double posting here, but here's the channel's first video. It's not a comic video, but here's a nice Data-7 tribute video.

A Cyber-6 and Cyber-29 Tribute
A Cyber-6 and Cyber-29 Tribute YouTube
• 5/7/2017
Help out the channel by translating videos! It includes adding captions as well as translating the video's title and description.

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